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Development Packages


If you have something in mind and need technical support to develop it we can help.



Development Packages


Having an experience of 20 years in the market we can help you to develop your products from the concept to the shelves of your client.


Development Packages

Development Packages

Development Packages

Easy way to work and clear path to achieve your goal, our flexible packages will help you to achieve your administrative and manufacturing goals.

About Us



Our Enterprise began in Mexico City in 1997, as a cutting edge brand named in53kto. 

From that time we have been devoted to the fusion of high fashion and street wear by incorporating innovative fabric processes, graphic design and gritty urban iconographies.

We are the license holders for Cherokee, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Happy Tree Friends (in Mexico). Our first models were widely accepted in large department stores such as Sears Roebuck in Mexico. The high quality of our garments and service has allowed our relationship with Sears to flourish.

Among our clients are also: Liverpool (highly prestigious and with over 100 stores in Mexico), Walmart (129 stores in Mexico); Palacio de Hierro (18 stores); Prices shoes (11 super stores); Opps Jeans, (28 stores), Quarry Jeans (25 stores). In the past, we worked with JC Penney Mexico (1997-2000 until it was sold to Almacenes Paris). Our brand entered the U.S. market shortly after we participated in the Pool Trade Show in 2003. Our brand was sold at: Fred Segal on Melrose and in Santa Monica; Waste Land; The MOCA Store (Museum of Contemporary Art); J Ransom and Global 61 in Los Angeles California.

Internationally, our clothes are sold in Japan in Ships (in the division Jet Blue) which is the most exclusive market. We have also worked with Narumiya International, a uniquely acclaimed Ready to Wear studio and one that is recognized all over the world. In Europe, we have worked with an Italian chain, Scout USA, who featured our products in their 19 stores. We’ve participated in The Project Show (Las Vegas and New York).

In Mexico we have been program sponsors for popular television shows with Televisa, TV Azteca and Endemol, and we have dressed numerous famous actors and singers.



We have never forgotten our humble origins and maintain a deep sense of who we are, what we want, and what we like, offering our clients the same in return. We give what we would like to receive.

We are known for Quality and Service in a timely manner where we can proudly stamp our names on the things we do and the products we make and that is a huge part of our fulfillment as a team.

With our brand we are all about pragmatic, thoughtful, sustainable, environmentally conscious, provocative, long-lasting, comfortable, artistic, socially responsible, inclusive, community oriented, philanthropic, and innovative pieces. When we private label and manufacture for our clients we offer the same high quality service and products as for our own brand.


What we are made of

Family, Friends, Honesty, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, BJJ, Muay Thai, Box, MMA, Soccer, Surf, Skate, Bikes, Skies and Snowboards, Art, Culture, Science, Technology, Knowledge, Music, Film, Photography, Theater, Books, Graphic Novels, Architecture, Travel, Beaches, Food, Coffee, Beer, zza, Ice cream, Açai, Toys, Sunrise & Sunsets and Sustainability. 

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EIGHT streetwear

Santa Monica, California, United States


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